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Historia Americana

Información suministrada por el departamento de naturalizacion de losEstados Unidos de Norte America.

  Symbols of Immigration to America

Bering Land Bridge
Statue of Liberty
Emma Lazarus
Poem: The New Colossus (1883)
Ellis Island
History of Ellis Island
Arriving at Ellis Island
Immigrant Ships
Voices of Ellis Island
Images of Ellis Island (Library of Congress)
Angel Island (California)
Quarantine Station
Immigration Station
History of Immigration to the United States
Migration, Emigration and Immigration
The Immigrant Experience (Links, links, and more links)
Immigration in American Memory (Library of Congress)
An Immigrant Nation: United States Regulation of Immigration, 1798 - 1991
Immigration Legislation Since 1790 [summaries]
Historical Articles
Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population
  in the U.S.: 1850-1990
This Month in Immigration History
Frequently Asked Questions: History
A Guide to Help Researchers
General Web Links of Interest to Historians
History of the Immigration and Naturalization Service
Overview of INS History
Early Immigrant Inspection Along the U.S./Mexican Border
INS Commissioners Since 1891
The Immigration and Naturalization Service Today
This is INS: Overview of Mission, Services and Enforcement Responsibilities
Mission, Strategies and Goals
Congressional Perspectives
    106th Congress
    105th Congress
Core Positions
Where INS Works
      Kinds of Field Offices
      Location of Field Offices
INS Restructuring Proposal
     Congressional Perspectives
Immigration Laws
Immigration and Nationality Act
How Immigration Laws Are Made
How Regulations Are Developed
Four Main Laws Concerning Legal Immigration
Most Recent Immigration Reforms
Coming to America
They Came and Settled a New Continent: First Migrations, First Americans
Earliest Arrivals: The First Americans
    Across the Land Bridge: Beringia
        Arctic Circle: Exploring the Past
        From the Land Called Beringia
        Visiting Beringia: Virtual Tour for Students (PBS)

Dispersal Throughout a Continent
    Native Americans
    New Research: Pacific Northwest
    Upper Missouri River Valley: Knife River Indians
    Lower Mississippi Delta: Mound Builders
    Across the Plains

Later, Others Followed and Made Their Homes: Europeans in America
First Europeans to America
    The Vikings: They Got Here First, But ... Didn't ... Stay

Later European "Discovery" and Exploration of America
    Royal Charge to Christopher Columbus (1492)
    Columbus: Journal of His Voyage (1492)
    Columbus: Report to the King and Queen of Spain (1494)
    Early Explorers (examples)
        King Henry's Charge to John Cabot and Sons (1498)
        The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca (1542)
        The Voyage of Samuel de Champlain (1604)

First American Settlements: Jamestown and Plymouth
    Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents

    Jamestown (1607)
        The First Virginia Charter (April 10, 1606)
        The Kings' Instructions for the Virginia Colony (1606)
        Founding of Jamestown: Timeline and Events
        Voyage to Virginia (Teacher's Guide) (pdf)
        Colonial Trade patterns (1760)
        African Origins of Virginia Slaves

    The Plymouth Colony
        The New England Charter (1620)
        Voyage of the Mayflower (Chap. 9, Bradford's History)
        Plymouth Colony: 1620 (Study Guide)
            Voyage of the Mayflower (Part 2 of Study Guide)

    Arrivals: Ship Confidence (1638)

Immigrant Experiences: The Willing, the Barely Willing, and the Unwilling

The Willing: The Immigrant Experience
    Selected Immigrant Ship Arrivals in the U.S.
    Port of Entry: Immigration (Library of Congress)

The Barely Willing: The Indentured Servant Experience
    Indentured Servants in America
    Indenture Contract
    Registry of Indentured Servants (example, late 1600s)
    Gottlieb Mittleberger's Journey to Pennsylvania (1750)
    The Plight of the Indentured Servant (Teacher Resources)

The Unwilling: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Experience
    The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie - 1701
        The Henrietta Marie in Perspective
Africans in America: The Terrible Transformation (PBS)
    The African Slave Trade and the Middle Passage
    African Captives Yoked in Pairs
    The Middle Passage
    Plan of a Ship for Transporting Slaves
Slave Narratives (University of Houston)
    The Middle Passage
Statutes of the U.S. Concerning Slavery (Yale Law School)
U.S. Constitution, Amendment XIII (December 6, 1865)
The Amistad Case (National Archives)
    Argument of John Quincy Adams Before the Supreme Court

    Why People Come - Push and Pull Factors:

          Push Factors

          Human Rights Violations
                and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
                and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
                and the Holocaust
                        Holocaust: Student's Forum

          Refugees and the Need to Flee
                and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
                and Human Rights
                and the United States
                   US Asylum and Refugee Policy
                   Refugee Admissions and Resettlement
                   Asylee Kenneth Best [from Monrovia, Liberia, arrived 1995]
                and Images: What is it like to be a refugee?

          Economic Problems and Poverty
               Immigrant Sjoerd Aukes Sipma [from Bornwerd, Netherlands,
                arrived 1846]
               Immigrant Max Gudis [from Tulchin, Russia, arrived 1904]

          Environmental Problems and Natural Disasters
                For example:
                Irish Potato Famine
                    Views of the Famine
                Immigrant Thomas McElhiney [from Murleg, Ireland, arrived 1869]
                Central Americans after Hurricane Mitch

          Pull Factors

          Ability to Find Work
          Ability to Join Relatives
          Ability to Get an Education
          Ability to Live a Better Life


     Temporary Visitors
     Temporary Protected Status (TPS)


     Permanent Immigrants
     Immigrant Visa Information
          How Do I Apply?
           Asylee Kenneth Best
           Asylee Zo T Hmung
           Asylum History (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access
                this file)
           Asylum Reform
           Asylum Reform Symposium and Celebration


          Quick Facts (1998)
          Legal Immigration: Reasons for Growth
          Legal Immigration: 1998 (You will need Acrobat Reader)
          Diversity Visa 2000:Results
          1996 Statistical Yearbook
          Foreign-born Population in the United States: 1850-1990

     Getting A Green Card

          How Do I Become A Lawful Permanent Resident?
          Why Isn’t the Green Card Green?

     Illegal Migrants

          Where They Come From and Where they Live in the U.S.[Oct ‘96]

     Combating Illegal Migration

          Alien Migrant Interdiction
            and the U.S. in 1991
          At the Border
          At a Border Patrol Sector Office
          Southwestern Border Strategy
          Inside the United States
          Recent Press Information, Enforcement
          Most Wanted Lists (Americans and Non-Americans)

Becoming Americans

     Naturalization Procedures

          Overview of General Naturalization Requirements
          Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet
          Passing the Test: 100 Sample Questions (You will need
              Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.)
          Can You Pass? Self-test Online
          Standardization of the Oath of Allegiance
          Current Oath of Allegiance

Immigrants: Famous and Not So Famous

     INS and Changing Immigrant Names
     American Names/Declaring Independence: An Essay
     Immigrant Sjoerd Aukes Sipma [from Bornwerd, Netherlands,
       arrived 1846].
     Immigrant Max Gudis [from Tulchin, Russia, arrived 1904]
     Immigrant Thomas McElhiney [from Murleg, Ireland, arrived 1869]
     Recent Immigrants to California (Rancho Santiago Community College)

Finding Information on One’s Own Immigrant Background

    Family History Research
    Immigration Records
    Naturalization Records
    Genealogy: Getting Started (National Genealogical Society)
    Genealogy Sites on the Internet
    My History Is America's History